Providing the basic necessities to have a quality standard of living.

Services: Refer those in need to the many resources that are available within the community such as Food Banks, Utility Assistance Programs, Community Events and Shelters.

Promote health and wellness by providing medical information, resources and financial assistance.

Services: Assistance with urgent medical needs, provide information on health plans and programs, referrals for In-Home Supportive Services. mental health assistance, and other resources available through various programs in the community.

Providing tools, resources and financial aid to assist in all levels of education.

Services: Provide referrals to tutoring programs, assistance with financial aid applications, financial aid workshops, special education workshops, Scholarships and other available recources within the community.

Scholarship Information

To reach out to the uttermost parts of the world and provide financial resources to help with matters pertaining to poverty.

Services: Facilitate Care Package Campaigns

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