April 10, 2008
Theresa Maskil (California, PA)

March 31, 2008
Randy Simmons was a kind & loving person & cared about the people in the community & he will never be forgoten & he will always be in are hearts God bless the family & remember that he is in a better place
Breanna Robinson (Perris, CA)

March 29, 2008
Life is great but also funny.I remember Randy and he was always smiling.He was very good friends with a D/3 at my assigned duty station. I would always say hi to him when he was getting out of his work car after a long day at work and he would be getting into his personal vehicle. Several times he would say have a good watch or becareful on watch tonight. For me it was a savior of protection to help get me through the night. Why I say life is funny, its because now I sit there waiting for his work car to pull up just to say hi. But its okay He is in Heaven…. I now have a picture of him with the law enforcement paryer and I have placed it in my T-Plate compartment in my Vest.May the Lord bless his family and know my family will always be there for Lisa and the Kids……………………
Cliff Proctor (H/B)
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March 18, 2008
Randy was an awesome man of God. I thank God for the time I went to the Billy Graham Training a few years ago with him and 2 other people. I thank God for being able to worship with him and Friday Night Prayer………….I can still see him standing and praying. I can still see him in the front with his beautiful wife and lovely daughter and a son who just reflected what type of father he was. I cherish that Sunday before he went to be with the Lord………I can still hear the few words he said, when I spoke to him. He definitely love the LORD and you knew it. I was privileged to see him in action with the Glory Kids, pray and preach……..and I thank him for letting me see the Jesus in him. He has definitely made me examine myself and stay focus on the LORD.Lisa, Gabriele and Matthew are in my prayers everyday……….and I know God will be their strength…..and will see them through this loss.Be comforted by the word of God, read Isaiah 57:1-2….The righteous perish, and no one ponders it in his heart;devout men are taken away, and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil. Those who walk uprightly enter into peace;they find rest as they lie in death.
Elaine W. (Carson, CA)

March 14, 2008
Randy, I will never forget you….your kind spirit, kind words….God Bless Your Family….. The World Won’t be the same without you…. Rest In Peace, MY Friend
Kimberly Smith (Los Angeles, CA)

March 8, 2008
EOW for a Brave SOUL:I didn’t personally know Officer Simmons, but I knew someone close to him, Officer Maury Sumlin. My heart goes out to Officer Simmons family and friends. His absence from them will be dearly missed. I have no doubt that Officer Simmons is in a better place and that he is watching out for his family. I will continue to pray for his family because I know he will be thoroughly missed. Look to hills, whence commeth your help. Your help comes from the Lord.
Georgia (Santa Monica, CA)

February 27, 2008
To my dear brother in blue, Officer Randy Simmons, may God bless your family in this very trying time. May he keep your family close and help them through this difficult moment. As a fellow Police Officer, I want to thank you for your unselfish service. You made the ultimate scarifice for the citizens of Los Angeles. May they always rememebr you and appreciate your commitment to their safety. God bless you my brother, your fellow family as well as your fellow Swat officers. May God keep his watchful hand over them and never let them forget your service. God Bless!!
anthony guerra (fresno, CA)

February 22, 2008
Officer Simmons was truly one of a kind. A gentle and humble man who loved helping people and leading them to God. May your love continue to flourish where you once stood. Thank you.
R. Johnson (Los Angeles, CA)

February 21, 2008
It has taken me a while to place a message on this message board due to the hearbreak I have felt while watching the arrangements of officer Simmons on Feb 15th 2008. I am truly sorry for the family’s loss, LAPD loss and the SWAT team loss. After watching officer simmons funeral I became inspired to become a better person inside and out. I work with At-Risk youth like officer simmons did, and I will do everything in my power to be the best mentor and advocate for the kids just as Randy would have wanted. I know Jesus is with him and he’s waiting for us on the other side of those heavenly gates.I will continue to keep the Simmons family in my prayers and god bless you. (love you)
Krystal Saunders (Riverside, CA)

February 20, 2008
I watched the services for Randy Simmons and was so moved by all the love and support. It is so so sad that this man was not only taken from his wife and children, but from the community and children who depended on him.I hope people will remember Mr. Simmons and try to follow his example and help others.God, bless you.Shirley Carty
Shirley Carty (Laguna Niguel, CA)

I am pleased to announce that the City of Carson has named there freshman academy school of Rancho Dominguez High School after Randy Simmons.  I am overwhelmed with tears just writing this to you. It’s not every day that a school is named after someone we’re connected to in such a big way.
I can see Randy praying and keeping guard around the school.  The man truly loved God and was anointed to help children and the poor so this event symbolizes his heart.  I believe God will pour out a blessing on this school because of the decision they have made. The ceremony is during the work week , however, if you’re able to come out and join us in this celebration please do so and tell someone who knew Randy or knew of him.   It is open to the public.

Thursday,  December 8, 2011 at 3:30 pm

Rancho Dominguez High School
Randal D. Simmons Freshman Success Academy
4110 Santa Fe Avenue
Long Beach, Ca.  90810

( Borders Carson/Long Beach)


Thank you for your support,
Lisa Simmons